HNL Pedestrian Bridges

Daniel K. Inouye International Airport
Replace Parking Structure Pedestrian Bridges

Honolulu, Hawai’i


Owner: HDOT


This project involves the removal and replacement of three pedestrian bridges connecting the Overseas Terminal Parking Garage and other Overseas Terminal.  The improvements include renovation of the Terminal and Garage side elevator and stair lobbies at the bridge levels and structural provisions for a future escalator at the Ewa Bridge.  A removeable cross brace at the truss will provide additional vertical support on the truss at the future escalator connection.  Additionally, there are modifications to the ground level and elevated roadway medians.

Procurement was delayed for traffic signals (ground level) poles & cabling.  Construction activities were resequenced to mitigate delays, resulting in the Middle Bridge activities starting earlier to allow extra time for traffic signals at the end of the project.  The Kirschner Contractors team facilitated routine weekly meetings and record-keeping for tracking the delay and prepared a successful TIA.

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