HNL Mauka Extension

Daniel K. Inouye International Airport
Mauka Extension

Honolulu, Hawai'i


Owner: HDOT

GC/CM: Hensel Phelps

Mauka Concourse Extension to HNL Opened August 27, 2021 Start Advertiser: Hawaii Department of Transportation

The Mauka Concourse Extension project included airfield and utility infrastructure changes, necessary to allow wide-body aircraft access to the new gates.  Included in the new 270,000sf terminal extension are additional TSA checkpoints and six new gates. Airfield work included widening taxi lanes, new aircraft parking aprons, modifications to the existing hydrant fueling system inclusive of new fuel hydrant pits, new passenger loading bridges, and installation of a jet blast fence to shield pedestrians and vehicles on the adjacent surface streets. Ramp level areas also include spaces available for future tenant offices, ground vehicle access, baggage handling, storage, and common areas for waste recycling.

Kirschner Contractors joined the project during materials procurement and continued through post-construction. Our team provided field scheduling updates to minimize impact to the critical path as well as cost reconciliation reports with the contractor’s database. The project encountered several unforeseen conditions and associated project delays due to existing site utilities. Contract time extensions have been settled based on proper critical path schedule delay analysis provided by Kirschner Contractors, thereby avoiding unresolved disputes.  

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