“Enjoy working with Ryan on monthly schedule updates as well as generating time impact analyses. Ryan is very knowledgeable and makes our meetings very efficient.”

Ainoa C., Nan, Inc. P-033 Magazine Consolidation

“Kirschner Contractors is always responsive and on time.”

Kurt K., Bowers + Kubota Kailua WWTP Upgrade Phase 2

“Kirschner Contractors is great at taking the time to understand the full situation and then implementing line items and logic updates that convey the complicated nature of the project schedule. Thank you for understanding our perspective.”

Kawika N., Albert C. Kobayashi, Inc. A’ali’i Tower

“It is a pleasure to work with KC. I came into the project when the road was ‘bumpy,’ (but) we have found a smoother path. The team is forward thinking and has good suggestions of the path we should be taking to stay on schedule or recover lost time. We are treated as equals on the same team with the same goals.”

John C., TAB Contractors Las Vegas Blvd — I-215 South to Russell Road

“Kirschner Contractors is very detailed and thorough [and] great with timeliness on responses to the engineers.”

Jeff S., MMC, Inc. Centennial 2635 Zone Reservoir and 2745 Zone Pumping Station

“We have found Kirschner Contractors to be highly professional and supportive. Justin definitely helped us with smooth TIA negotiations with our owner.”

Hirotaka M.,  Core Tech — HDCC — Kajima, LLC DBMACC P-296 Ordnance Operation Admin

“KC is knowledgeable in project scheduling and responsive with timely deliverables.”

Paul C., SSFM International Pali Highway Phase 2