“Kirschner Contractors provided a high level of quality, professionalism, and reliability. They are friendly and easy to work with.”

Kaden T., Construction Management & Engineering PCC Pavement Rehab

“It is always a pleasure to work with Kirschner Contractors on scheduling projects. The professionalism and knowledge of the team is unparalleled in the industry. I am glad to have brought the team into this project as well as the other projects for TCG.”

Sean D., The Core Group Replace Transite Water Line at Parks Rd

“I enjoy collaborating on best-practice solutions which resolve our scheduling needs.”

Kawika N., Albert C. Kobayashi Block H

“There are not many consultants in the industry that can perform, speak to, and articulate schedule and client interests as well as Justin [and] his team at Kirschner Contractors.”

Jason G., CSI Electrical Contractors Intuit Dome

“We have engaged Justin and the Kirschner Team for schedule development on a multi-billion-dollar project, and I expected simply that, schedule development support. My expectations were high for that effort, but what was provided far exceeded my expectations. In addition to expert schedule development, Kirschner's Project Lead brought a level of engineering and constructability review expertise that was invaluable to our proposal development. Further to this, when we were in the final crunch to wrap the proposal up, Kirschner brought additional resources to bear, including Justin himself on a few very late nights, to make sure that the quality of our proposal schedule deliverable met the high standards we expected.”

Robert T., ECC SIOP P-209

“Justin has been very helpful in all of our scheduling needs for our current and previous government projects that we've worked together on. He offers valuable feedback and insight that demonstrates his experience in this industry and fits our project needs. I would definitely like to work with Kirschner Contractors on all of our projects, especially those that require cost loaded scheduling.”

Danyelle K., Nordic PCL Repair Bldgs 2075, 2076, 2077 – Schofield Barracks

“The Kirschner Contractors Team is acutely knowledgeable, responsive, and consistently provide effective and value-added services.” 

Jeff M., Bowers + Kubota Honouliuli WWTP Phase 1B