“It was good having Kirschner Contractors on our team. They asked point on questions to the contractor, which brought things back into perspective and were always responsive to our inquires and requests. Thank you.”

Kurt K., Bowers + Kubota Kailua WWTP, Phase 2

“Kirschner Contractors is always staying on top of schedule updates and staying persistent to get the information out to us that is needed.”

Todd D., Jack Endo Electric Traffic Signal Modernization

“So far, I have enjoyed working with Kirschner Contractors on my projects. They are very detail oriented and complete work in a timely manner.”

Tyler E., MMC WPCF Filtration Bldg Misc Improvements

“Kirschner Contractors’ TIA packages are a step up on other scheduling consultants, well presented and hard to refute. Working with Government contracts, I would not go in any other direction.”

Kelvin O., Glen/Mar

“[A] scheduler’s knowledge with construction means [and] methods [and] project management is very valuable and is a key element to project success. Kirschner Contractors is doing a great job, which likely limits the amount of meeting timeframes.”

Darren I., Nan P-911 BEQ

“Kirschner Contractors has a very knowledgeable and professional staff.”

Tyler S., Drayko Construction Nuuanu Reservoir No. 4 Dam Improvement

“As a whole, Kirschner was really good to work with. They really helped us clean up our database.”

Bryson C., WW Clyde Primavera P6 Setup and Standardization